Back on Stage


Jasmine, Journalist


     The theaters and the showrooms opened their doors on March 8 when we turned into the orange zone for the spring break. 

     The national capital,  Mauricie, center of Quebec, Chaudière-Appalache and Estrie theaters were lucky enough to open. But, other regions theaters like Montreal, Montérégie, Laval, Laurentides and Lanaudière are still closed. 


     Of course these theaters will need to readjust their schedules so the customers will be back home for the curfew. The CALQ which offers financial aid for the performing arts confirmed that whenever theaters are ready to open they  are gonna give them four weeks of financial aid to adjust to the situation.


     In order to open their showroom theaters had and still have to respect the sanitary measures, like distanciation and the obligation to wear a procedure mask. But, there’s also other things to respect. The public must not exceed 250 people and they must remain seated for the period of the show. The technical teams are also reduced and the actors have to limit their equipment and accessories. They also have to clean and disinfect everything before and after their use. 

     Entertainers are happy to come back on stage André Robitaille and Jean-Michel Anctil are the perfect examples by presenting an adaptation of the show ‘’Des cailloux plein les poches’’. The show contains 15 characters and by the two of them, they embody all of  the 15.

     They had been practicing this show with a two-meter stick and they also shared only one accessory between the two of them in order to respect the sanitary measures.

     It is refreshing to know that we will be able to see presential shows again because art is an important cultural aspect in our society and will help us to overcome the rest of the pandemic.