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     Cast: Eddie Murphy (king Akeem Joffer), Arsenio Hall (Semmi), Jermaine Fowler (Lavelle Joffer), Leslie Jones (Lavelle’s mother), Shari Headley (Queen Lisa Joffer)


     Synopsis: Just before becoming King of Zamunda, Prince Akeem finds out he has a son living in the Queens. To honour his dying father’s last wishes, Akeem decides to return to New York (*see “Coming to America 1”) and bring his son to Zamunda to make him become a prince. All this with the help of his best friend, Semmi.


     Review: I would rate this movie an 8 out of 10 because I think that the first one is better, but I like the fact that all the characters that were in the first movie are played by the same actors who portrayed them 33 years ago. Also, I think the actors were really good in their roles. There are also new actors who add new twists to the story.

  I also liked this movie because of the costumes. I think the costumes really represent how they would dress in Zamunda if it existed. Designs are fabulous and fancy.

The theme of being part of a royal family is also interesting. We can see how privileged royalties are. How it is to be King of a country, to become a Prince and the responsibilities that are linked to these functions.