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Raphaëlle Fréchette, Entertainment

Raphaëlle is a 14 years old girl. Her favorite subjects in school are physical education and French. For hobbies, she likes to play basketball with her friends, text them , watch series and read.

This young journalist likes to listen to 70s, 80s and 90s music, but she also likes a bit of everything. She reports to not really have a favorite artist. Raphaëlle is talented at basketball according to her best friend. Her favorite is also basketball.

With 10 million dollars, the young girl would buy a house  that her and her best friend could live in it together. If she could move anywhere in the world, it would probably New York because it's a beautiful city and that a lot of movie are being filmed there.

Fréchette's favorite season is summer. She says that she doesn't really have a least favorite subject because she likes a little bit of everything in each class. In 15 years, Raphaëlle sees herself maybe in jail because she is going to be broke so she is going to have to deal drugs for a living.

Did you know that Raphaëlle also cooks ? If you didn't ,well now you do and the recipe she is the best at is Kraft Dinner. But she is bad at hiding her facial expressions from people. Fréchette's favorite apps are Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.


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Raphaëlle Fréchette