Here why we should care about tree loss


In US cities, there are losing 36 million trees every year.

Tree cover in the US cities is shrinking. A study made by the Us Forest Service discovered that annually they are losing 36 million trees from rural and urban communities in five years period ( a 1% drop from 2009 to 2014). According to David Nowak, a senior US Forest Service scientist and co-author of the study’s we follow this path, cities will become warmer, more polluted and more healthy for the inhabitants“.There are some reasons for tree canopy is decreasing like tornadoes and tornadoes. Only tree loss is a human matter.

“We see the tree cover being swapped out for an impervious cover, which means when we look at the photographs, what was there is now replaced with a parking lot or a building,” Nowak said.

More than 80% of the US population lives in urban areas, and most Americans live in forested regions along the East and West coasts, Nowak says.

“Every time we put a road down, we put a building and we cut a tree or add a tree, it not only affects that site, but it also affects the region.”


The tree lost value is estimated at 96 million dollars/year. That’s a huge amount of money.



These are some good benefits of trees listed by David Nowak.

Reduce heat: Trees provide shadows for our home, office building and cool the temperature

Reduce air pollution: Trees have the job to clean up the air by catching carbon dioxide and by removing all the pollutants from the atmosphere.

Improve the quality of the water: how could trees improve the quality of the water? It’s simple. Those trees play the role of a filter. They take away the dirty surface and absorb the nitrogen.


Improve human health: According to some studies, there are connections between time spending with nature and physical and mental health. They affirmed that living in green areas is related to low death rates and walking in nature has the result to reduce blood pressure and stress hormone.

That why we should care about tree loss.If you want to help there are many ways to help to stop tree loss like donating or volunteering to tree planting, allow tree growing on your property.

What action did Canada take to stop tree loss?

Justin Trudeau promised that 2 billion trees will be planted in 10 years. None of them has been planted for now. I criticize the Canadian government didn’t keep their promise.