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Ulrich Williams Zafimahita

Ulrich Williams Zafimahita, Photograph

Hi, my name is Ulrich. I am fifteen years old. My favourites subjects at school are French, Math, and physical education because I am a sports guy. I see myself in 15 years as an engineer or a professional soccer player and living in my dream house. My hobbies are playing video games especially FIFA 21, playing basketball or soccer with friends of mine, and watching the TV.  My favourites sports are soccer and basketball. If I had 10 million dollars, I would use that amount of money to build up schools in Madagascar and keep the rest for me. Education is very important, I am lucky to have the opportunity to go to school because not everyone has that opportunity. If I had to move anywhere in the world, It could be  Italy because of the landscapes breathtaking, the magnificent monuments and the Italian food. My favourite season of the year is summer. The recipe that I am the best at is making crepes and my favourite app is Youtube.

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Ulrich Williams Zafimahita