Aaliyah’s ’90s Fashion Is Back on Trend


Alexanne Fortin

While this list of accolades seems like the reason that so many love the pop star, there was something else that attracted the masses: her effortlessly cool style.


In the ’90s, there weren’t many stars that showed up to events in sweatpants (for an honest reason). Yet, whenever Aaliyah dressed down with cropped tops and baggy clothes, it never looked sloppy. In fact, it had been the other. Her soft-toned voice, eloquence, and beauty made any look feminine, including a menswear jumpsuit. The recipe to her effortless style is straightforward. The consistent choice for crop tops (see: her abs) made her sexy, while her masculine-appearing bottoms made her cool. Her style stepped out of the diva personality that numerous expected to her have and made her relatable. Her style transformed her from a high-achieving diva to an artist that you simply can see yourself being friends with.

Close to 20 years later, this style continues to resonate with the fashion-obsessed. From Rihanna’s feminine athleisure line to Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger to the celebs’ obsession with oversized clothing, the late R&B star’s effortlessly sexy fashion is on-trend.