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Alexanne Fortin

Alexanne Fortin, Management

Alexanne is a girl who is 14 years old, she's tall, has brown and curly hair and blue eyes. This young journalist likes to write about fashion . She also is obsessed by that subject .

At school, she is very good and her favorite subjects are art and physical education. She doesn't really like math. She likes to paint and listen to music in her free time, she listens to music from the 70s to 90s, pop  and other types. The artists she listens most is One Direction, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Queen and many others.

In addition to being a good journalist, Alexanne is a good cook and the recipe she's doing best is chicken nuggets. Her favorite sport is volleyball which she plays in the school team. Later, Alexanne would like to live in New York because it's her favorite city. But for that, she should stop spending all her money on the bagels of our school cafeteria.

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Alexanne Fortin