The Vaccine for Adolescents?


Alicia Fillion

The Legault government announced last March that 75% of the Quebecois who want the vaccine, will be vaccinated by June 24, the National Day. At the beginning, the province had some difficulty being stock up and giving the vaccine. Since April 14, the number of people who are vaccinated daily is much higher, than what the government had announced.


Since the vaccination is going fast, the government foresees that 500 000 adolescents of 12 to 17 years old will be vaccinated by June 24. The second dose will give at the beginning of school in September.


For the moment we do not have information about the procedure, it will be announced in the next few weeks.


How ever, if the government decides to provide the vaccine during class, it will have a lot of impacts. In the nest weeks, every day is important, since we were not able to go to school for all most two months, the teacher gives a lot of exams.


Plus, with the support staff strike, students have already fewer classes and with the vaccination, they will lose more and more periods for exams.