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Alicia Fillion, Editor

Hi I'm Alicia, a young journalist for this journal. I'm gonna talk about myself. So first things first, my favorite subject in school is math. Yeah I know it's not everybody that likes math. But the secret is that when you know what you're doing it's fun. In fifteen years, I see myself as a health worker but I'm not sure what.

One of my hobbies is to play soccer and it's also my favorite sport. Sometimes I can be a little competitive.  If you push me, I will push  back. Now let's talk music. My favorite style of music is K-pop and my favorite band is Blackpink. I have a big talent for arts. If I had the chance to have 10 million dollars, I would buy a house, an electric car and I would give some money to my family and to charity foundation.If I could move somewhere in the world it would be Japan because I really like their culture . My favorite season is summer. The thing I like the least in school is music class.I am just not able to play an instrument or anything. Like I don't know how people do this. The recipe that I'm the best at is making cookies. One of the things I'm bad at is revising for history. I am good at it when we do exercises or project but when it's time to revise it doesn't work well.. My favorite app is Netflix. The best thing in the world. We can see it just with my screen time...

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Alicia Fillion