Mars a New Beggining

The rover that has been sent in July 30th 2020

Jack Fortin-Savard, Journalist

By 2050, NASA is planning to launch SpaceX’s starship on Mars, the red planet. They want to colonize Mars because of the Earth’s surpopulation.

    For the Mars colonization plan, another problem is a constant supply of water. “Everything is all about water,” a space professor saids. He also says it’s a life support that we need to survive. Developers are working on a robotic mining system that would provide water and fuel.

    Because this planet is farther from the sun than us, it’s much colder but the weather is still there. It can go from -140 C in wintertime and 21 C during summertime. The average weather is -62 C. There are also violent dust storms that can nearly go from 50 to 110km/h.

    At this time, we don’t have the technology to come back from there. This trip will take approximately seven months according to NASA. The main problem of colonization is the fact that you can’t come back, it’s a one-way trip.

    On July 30th 2020, NASA launched a perseverance rover on Mars to take pictures of the red planet. Those pictures lead us to believe that there was some life before on Mars. Some dusty rocks would show us there was lava and water in the past.

    More than 800 scientists and engineers around the world united in many teams to make the perseverance rover. Each team was working on something different like the instruments, the cameras and the coordination of all of them.

    ‘’The ticket to Mars will be between 100 000$ and 500 000$,’’ according to the PDJ of SpaceX, Elon Musk. That could be done in the 2050s or maybe later depending on the time that it takes to make the ship, try it, fix the little trouble, and send it to Mars with the passenger in it.

First, the plan is to colonize the Moon and put a colony there so after that we will be able to use it as a petrol station for exploring Mars and Beyond.