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Jack Fortin-Savard

Jack Fortin-Savard, journalist


Hi! My name is Jack Fortin-Savard. I am 14 years old and my favorite subject at school is ped day. I also really like math because I’m good at it. The one subject I hate the most is French because I think we have too much of those classes. I am ok with people in general but the people who are smoking disturb me a lot because they are killing themself. In my free time, I love to go out with friends or just chill on my phone. In fifteen years I would like to be a car engineer or an architect. Somes of my hobbies are playing basketball, video games, going on netflix or having fun with friends. My favorite movies are Grow up and the Marvel movies. Also, my favorite series is Lucifer because he is the devil. There are many places I would like to travel but the places I would like to see the most are Miami and Paris. Miami for the beautiful car and the beach and Paris for the good food and to make fun of the Europeans. I am good at cooking but I never have the motivation to do it so the best meal I’ve ever cooked is Kraft dinner. To conclude, my favorite animals are bats because they live the night and are very scary.

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Jack Fortin-Savard