Mayors for girls


Half of the biggest cities in the province elected a woman as mayor in the 2021 elections.

  In fact, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Saguenay, Longueuil, Drummondville, Brossard and Montreal all elected women mayors.

    This year, there are about 250 women elected mayors in Quebec and it’s a record. The last record was in 2017 with about 210 women mayors. In Quebec City, voters almost elected a woman named Marie José Savard. She was even told that she had won but finally, they announced her victory too soon and it was Bruno Marchand who won the election by 834 votes.

   Women mayors are more likely to think about education, environment, homeless people and sick children, while men mayors are more likely to think about making money and to think less about the environment and education. Obviously, there are still exceptions and both visions can be good. More women mayors are probably going to be good to change the vision of people on different things and improve in terms of climate change and the environment in general.

  For those elections, only 38,7% of the population voted compared to 2017 where 44,8% of the population voted. Many people are very worried about it, because mayors are the first people to make important decisions, and they decide almost everything for the city. They always have the last word. 

  Finally, we can hope that things will continue like this and that there will be more and more women elected for the next municipal elections and that it will make things change. We can already think that he could possibly have a woman prime minister of Canada in a few years.