Elon Musk’s New Tesla bot and the Impact of Robots on society


Samuel Larose

On August 19th Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, announced the Tesla Bot, their new robot in development. 

The robot will be used for repetitive tasks that are unsafe or boring and because some jobs are like that it could replace human workers.

The robot can walk and interact with the environment. It has a display where the owner can retrieve information and interact with it.

The pros of having robots are that it has better cost-effectiveness and it is the perfect worker because it doesn’t need any break, it’s never sick and has no vacation days. 

The cons of having robots are that it could replace human workers, which will cause job losses and a lot of unemployment. Examples of jobs where robots could replace humans are cashiers, assembly-line and factory workers, bank tellers, and clerks. Jobs that can’t be replaced by robots are chefs, head cooks and pathologists

“I would love to have a robot around the house so I have more time to do what I want, “ said someone.

“I don’t want to have a robot in my house, I wouldn’t trust it, “ said a student.

 Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot is 5 foot 8, 125 pounds. It is built in a lightweight material and has the form of a human. It can carry up to 45 lbs(20kg) and has a maximum speed of 5mp/h(8km/h)

The creator of this project, Elon Musk, doubts that his new ambitious project will work and he also expects to have a prototype done by next year. The people estimate that the price of the Tesla Bot will be 10 thousand dollars or far more.