Making Québec Proud


Victoria Gilbert, Victoria Gilbert

Originally from Stoneham, Laurie Blouin is probably one of the best snowboarders in team Canada. Although she didn’t win a medal in the Slopestyle competition or in the Big Air, she made all the Quebecois extremely proud.


 “We’ll always be proud of Laurie no matter what, in my heart, she’ll always be the winner,” said Martine Collin, the Olympian’s mother, on Monday when family and friends of Laurie all gathered in a restaurant to watch the Big Air final, in which she arrived in 8th place. Laurie’s biggest supporters were also at the back of the Stoneham church on February 4th and 5th during Slopestyle to watch her compete. She finished in fourth and did amazingly in all her jumps.


 The Slopestyle competition went well for the athlete but sadly, it didn’t go the same during Big Air. When going in for her first jump she unfortunately fell but the hopes of getting a medal weren’t gone. She went in for her second jump with a Frontside 1080 and finished with a 86.25. Unfortunately, she also fell in her last round while attempting a Frontside Cork 1080,  taking away all her chances of getting a medal, “I have a love and hate relationship with that jump, I either get it or I don’t. It’s definitely something I want to work on.”


 “I am pretty happy with all the jumps I did, they all make me proud. I’m pleased with how I rode at the Olympics even though I didn’t get the results I wanted.”


 Laurie doesn’t know whether she’s going to attend the 2026 Olympics ,but she said it’s definitely one of her goals.