Could Vr Apps Be Dangerous For Kids?

Could Vr Apps Be Dangerous For Kids?

Pier-Antony Fortin

The virtual reality, Metaverse, has some apps that could be dangerous for kids around 13 years old because of racism and people saying very bad things or using overaged objects and language.


Recently a researcher posed as a 13 years old girl going on the metaverse but people were racist and they would threaten to rape the young woman or do other bad things to her.


After hearing about this situation, the children’s charity was “shocked and angry” said Andy Burrows, the head of the online child safety police who started an investigation and it had found a toxic combination of risks on the apps.


Some apps that are supposed to be for 13 years olds kids and more can contain avatars simulating sex. The little girl was shown sex toys and condoms, and a lot of adult men were approaching her.


A game called Vrchat is where users can meet, talk or interact with each other, you can go into a McDonald or cinema but where it becomes dangerous is that you can go into a strip clubs!


Here are 2 games that are probably causing the most problems in this situation:

-Roblox with a Vr headset



Roblox is a 3d game where there are a lot of mini-games to have fun. This game was created in 2004 but released in 2006 by David Baszucki and Erick Cassel. There are multiple servers that people can connect to and there is no age minimum. Some of these game could be problems to young kids, but vr version is way more dangerous.