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Pier-Antony Fortin

Pier-Antony Fortin, Aurhor

Hi my name is Pier-Antony and im 14 years old.My favorite subjects at school are History and geography.In 15 years, I see myself as a police officer securing and helping people,arrest some  too, living a great life with maybe 1 or 2 dogs,their my favorite animals, Huskies and Golden Retriever.I also love pizza and poutine!My passions are playing soccer and video games, I also love going on rides with my bicycle!One day, I would like to meet Dwayne Johnson, he is my favorite actor and I listened to almost all of his movies. I loved all of the Fast and furious movies he played in and the 2 Jumanji!I love with my mom!I would like to be rich because I would save money for the future and also give money to homeless people and my family !My least favorite subject in school is maths because i'm not that good!I would also like to go to cegep and after university in different classes, not only to become a police officer.Also, I almost always wear red !I'm generous and nice with people, I'm also a gentleman!

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Pier-Antony Fortin