Issues About Animal Abuse and Breeding


Gabrielle Dugal

Animal care is an important subject that needs to be talked about.

Animal abuse is a big problem and even more since Covid. This is a major problem because animals are suffering. As much the baby as the adults, the female is overused to getting pregnant and breastfeeding her baby. In the end, has to give them to the unknown. And the babies are also suffering because too often, they are separated from their parents way too early.

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and other organizations like them have reported many cases of scams. People that sell kittens or puppies for cheap cost end up with the money, but also with the animal that was supposed to be sold. Of course, the person that pays for the animal ends up with nothing or with the wrong one. Sometimes the animals that are sold for a cheap cost have diseases or are unsterilized, which goes against all regulations in the province.

Overbreeding causes important diseases like dysplasia, blindness, deafness, heart defects, skin problems, and epilepsy. This is also the cause of a big overpopulation of cats and dogs all over the world. Every day in the United States, there’s an estimation of 70 million homeless dogs and cats. Consequently, unsterilized animals with other unsterilized animals bring babies that are gonna grow and become new homeless animals.

Since 2013, people that own more than 15 animals in their house needed a permit. It is a good way to protect the security and the health of these animals, but of course, there is some person that finds a way to own more than 15 animals without a permit. That causes abuse and the animals are not well maintained and often not well fed.