New Safe Places to Play For Dogs in Levis by 2024


Elianne Labrie

The mayor of Levis has a project. He wants to build three parks for dogs in different sections of this city. 

After the recent closing of the dog park at Charny, the mayor gave his promise to remake it quickly and give the population three more parks by 2024. The Charny park closed after having a lot of complaints due to exasperated the incessant yapping and people had enough. The park will officially close in the beginning of April. After the incident the mayor really tried to make people forgive him. He even said: “The new version of the dog parks will take into account the lessons of this pilot experiment (in Charny). The City would like to acknowledge the patience of area residents with the Charny pilot project. It reiterates its desire to offer adequate facilities to dog owners, who have demonstrated during this experience, the necessity and relevance of the construction of the three dog parks”.

The wait for dog owners won’t be long since the first park of their project ( part of the real estate project of UMANO) will open this year in the borough of Chutes-de-la-Chaudière-Est. The second one will be in the borough of Chutes-de-la-Chaudière-Ouest and will open in 2023. Finally, the third one will be in the borough of Desjardins. The exact location of those parks hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will be in a few weeks. 

Furthermore, to be sure that the same mistake won’t be made there will obviously be some rules. Just like: Watch your dog and have a leash to intervene quickly at all times, have a valid medal from the City of Levis (license) for your dog… There will not only be rules but also interdiction like: letting your dog bark, whine or howl, enter outside opening hours or when the maximum capacity displayed is reached, leave doors open after entering or leaving the dog space, taking with you more then two dogs at a time…

Gilles Lehouillier, the mayor of Levis started in June 2019 and it’s called the real estate project of UMANO. This project is 3,900 diversified housing units and more than 950,000 sq. ft. of commercial, desk office and institutional space. It will also have more than one kilometer of parks and green spaces for the entire population of Levis