Should young teenagers start working?

Charlie-Anne Lebire

Working at a young age has a lot of benefits for teenagers but it also can lead to problems.

 Working isn’t always an easy thing especially when it’s your first job, but do not worry about this.

There are a lot of benefits if you start working as a teenager. Don’t worry, people will be nice to you at the beginning and take the time to train you. They know it’s your first experience in a workplace and that for the moment you probably know nothing about working. It’s also a very good thing because you will start to be more autonomous with your money sooner so growing up you’ll know to not spend it all at once and use it for important things.


 The sooner you start the sooner you get experience and learn about life and as long as you work for good reasons. You’ll enjoy your work and be really proud of yourself. You can even get more confidence by example if you work in fast food. You talk with customers a lot and at some point, you won’t be stressed to do it anymore.


But every good thing comes with bad ones. Working can be bad for your grades at school if you start working more than you should and start to stop studying or doing your homework because of your job. Sometimes customers don’t know it’s your first try at a career and they can get angry at you really easy for little mistakes. Also if you start working only for money and not because you want to or if you are not ready to start working it will quickly start to be a really bad experience for you.


Furthermore, remember that right now with the shortage of employees, employers are more willing to give you a job even if you are young.