Teleworking; Is it the New Normal ?


Jack Fortin-Savard

As everybody knows, since Covid 19 started at the beginning of 2020, teleworking has taken a lot of space in everybody’s lives. The question is, is teleworking the new normal of working?

In Quebec, 32% of the population between 15 and 69 years old is actually teleworking. Since 2016, the percentage has increased by 28%. The majority of them are productive or even more than at work. 

More than half of the teleworkers mentioned doing the same amount of work at home and a quarter of them said they work even more. Cutting down on traveling time, and break time would be two factors that would increase productivity. 

There is also less distraction because of the fact kids are at school. Yes, at the beginning when there was quarantine, most of the kids were home because school was closed but since they reopen with the new measure they are able to go back.

Since the beginning of Covid 19, a lot of people working around the world had doubts about the benefits of telework. Unexpectedly, there are a lot of good sides.

If we take the example of Valérie Fortin, a worker at CAA Québec, she has been teleworking since April 2020. She was obligated to work home.  She didn’t think there was going to be a good side. But after a few weeks, she concluded that the whole thing was positive. For example, she has more time during her lunch break to make food or to do regular chores. After work, she has more time for herself or with her family. ” I have no need to return to work in presence since I have an efficient home, ” said Valérie.

So according to her and a lot of people teleworking, there are a lot of good sides that are not at work. ” If I don’t have the obligation to return I’m not going to, ” mentionned the CAA Québec worker.