Alexei Navalny, A Threat To Putin?


Pier-Antony Fortin

This man is an anti-government person who tried multiple time with sometimes success trough the years confronting Putin  and also agaisnt corruption in Russia.


It all started in around 2011 where he created the Anti-corruption foundation. He participated to a lot of manifestations like in 2011 where there was 120 000 people opposing .At another manifestation, he got arrested in may 2012 and was condemned for 15 days of detention for not listening to the special forces


A couple years later in august 2020, Alexei got hospitalized because he got poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent. He then accused Putin of being the one who tried to poison him. An investigation started and the EU,UK and US were imposing sanctions to the senior russians because of this situation.When he got back to Russia, it wasn’t long for them to accuse him of violating parole conditions while in Germany.

One month after the accusation, he got arrested and got in prison for 2 and a half years. A couple months after, a decision from the ECHR concluded to release Alexei.

While he was in prison, him and human rights groups accused russian authorities of wanting to torture Navalny.


He continued what he always did but in March 2022, he got accused of court competent and embezzlement in a new trial. He was finally sentenced to 9 more years in prison.


Do you think that protesters like Navalny could do this in other countries, having the same reactions by the authorities and the president?