Kai Cenat 30 Day Challenge


Zachary Houde, Journalist, romotion

Kai Cenat is a twitch streamer that decided to do a month of streaming for Black History Month.

The stream is better knowed as a subathon, the subathon is a stream where if you sub which is a payment, you add time to the stream, and the streamer has no choice, but to do it.

Kai Cenat during the 21 day, he had 200 thousand followers and in just 8 days he broke the record of followers which is 300 thousand.

After hitting the huge milestone, Drake demanded Twitch to pay Kai accordingly to the milestone and a new record.

Kai was unlikely to smash the record because in April of 2021, he averaged 5000 viewers but his rised to the top was very quick and not ending he even won the streamer of the year award.

Ludwig the former record holder demanded twitch to pay Kai well because as he said”@Twitch now pay the man before you lose another record breaker” the reason why he said before you lose another record breaker is that Ludwig switched platforms from Twitch to Youtube for the fact that Youtube really wanted him.

Kai Cenat invites were really something that made him blow up he invited rappers like Lil Baby, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, and Ice Spice among others.