Woman Killed In New York Streets


Isa-Ève St-Martin, Journalist/promotion

On April 17, 2023, a woman of 20 years old has been killed in New York. 

Kaylin Gillis has been killed on Monday, she was with her friends and was looking for the other house of a friend. The group of friends were turning around and then understood when they saw the 65 years old man appear. Sadly, they went on the wrong highway and Kaylin died. Kevin Monahan, the guy that took the life of the young lady. 

In the United States, guns are available in houses without permits and also people can have more than 1 arm in their possession. Approximately 40 to 620 die each year from the cause of firearms. Of course, if they have guns in their house, more tragedy can happen like this young woman 20 years old, and the young man 16 years old. These are not the first things that happened and are certainly not the last ones. 

Small mistakes come into big tragedies in the life of someone. These are some examples of what can happen, a kid that was on the way to take his sister and knocks on the wrong door and got shot or a girl that goes into the wrong driveway and people just think it’s okay to kill people for no reason like this.