DarkFest 2023 Event


Marko Milosevic, Journalist/edo

Mountain bikers from all around the globe regrouped to land their biggest tricks on steep slopes and obstacles in, Kenya, South Africa.

The event started on the 17th and will end on April 22nd. The three MTB stars, Clemens Kaudela,Niko Vink and Sam Reynolds tested all the suspension and stuff of the jumps, so the participans could land all their tricks carefully and safely. They were here to design, dig and test the roads. It took them three weeks to perfect, and build, to shape the whole thing.

Once it was all put together with a new gigantic 110ft jump, it was set to be one of the biggest years of Darkfest. The weather was scorching hot and the track was dry and a bit muddy. As usual, the three professional riders were there long before the event started, Clemens Kauldea, Niko Vink, and Sam Reynolds.  

The big day had finally come, the bikers went on the track and the spectacle was ready to begin. The public was watching quietly until Adolf Silva got in, people were just amazed to see how smooth and talented Silva is. Right after, Nicholi Rogatkin, a former BMX rider who switched to MTB to upgrade his biking style, dropping in and managed to land many impressive tricks which amazed Sam Reynolds.

Robin Goomes also threw it down for the ladies and put down the first top to bottom run from a female rider at DarkFest 2023. After watching a good amount of competitors all day, Clemens Kaudela closed the day by saying “Every one of them has their own unique things, that make them so special to watch.”

 The event went on, bikers animated the show and everyone was enjoying the moment. The cameras were constantly filming  not to miss any tricks landed by Sam Reynolds. He even did a humongous backflip over a 110ft jump, he was the first to land it, everybody was surprised by this achievement and cheered him with applause.

Later that day, Tom Isted broke the record and did “the longest mountain bike dirt-to-dirt backflip” and said, “I couldn’t be any happier right now! It was windy, but luckily I timed it perfectly so I had a tailwind off the jump and managed to travel 120 feet, absolutely smashing the old record set by Cam Zink of 100 feet!”

According to the latest news, there would be a MTB race in February 2024, in Tankwa, Africa again. It’s another really popular event that takes place every year.