Canada Expulsing Chinese Diplomat Leads to Tension


Cédrick Martineau, Journalist, promotion

Canada expels Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei after he was accused of being involved in an intimidation campaign on Michael Chong.

Canada has expelled Zhao Wei after he was accused of  trying to intimidate a Canadian lawmaker. Canada decided to  declare persona non grata Mr. Zhao Wei after they considered carefully all the factors. “I have been clear: We will not tolerate any form of foreign interference in our internal affairs,” Minister Mélanie Joly, Canada’s foreign minister, said.

China’s foreign ministry responded with a diplomatic protest by asking the Canadian diplomat Jennyfer Lyne Lalonde to leave Shangai before May 13. China didn’t give a reason for expelling Lalonde.

Michael Chong said that it shouldn’t have taken so long for the government to kick Zhao. “This should have happened years ago,” he said to reporters. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he learned about the intimidation from the Globe and Mail newspaper story. He also said that  the Canadian Security Intelligence Service didn’t share the report outside of the agency. Trudeau asked the spy agency to share information like that with him in the future.

The accusations have led to renewed tension between Ottawa and Beijing. The two countries have had bad relations over a range of issues, like human rights, trade, and the arrests of Canadian and Chinese citizens.