The 75th Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 29, 2013.

Magali chamberland

The saddle seat is an English riding type plus it’s totally safe for the horse. That is designed to show off the high action of horse breeds. This is most developed in the United States, and also seen in Canada and South Africa. Unlike the Big lick that is also called Soring, this type of riding is he’s self cruel for the horse and we still see some competition of Soring in the world.


The saddle sit riding type is to show off the horse elegance of the trot. There is sometimes some confusion between saddle sit and hunt seat disciplines among people who are not familiar with different types of English riding. Hunt seat is a style likely saddle seat commonly found in North American horse shows. This type of riding is create from fox hunting and dressage. This type of riding includes the judges giving points to the riders by judging how the horse moves over fences and on flatwork. Big lick is the use of devices that cause pain to the front feet and legs of the horse when it touches the ground. This is the result of the horse picking up his feet higher and fast the usual.


In fact, the difference between saddle sit and soring is that saddle seat is safe for the horse and natural. There is some breed of horse that are made for this sport. But the big lick is cruel and painful for the horse the device they use is horseshoes with a ton of nails inside the hooves of the horse. 


So why does this steel exist when we are making the life of a horse miserable?