A Colorful Twist to Your Fingers


Alexanne Fortin

     New fashion trends are appearing pretty much every season. For spring 2021, we’ve seen a lot of funky 70’s patterns coming back and the colorful chunky clay rings. If you are a fashion addict like me, you probably have seen those all over your Pinterest.


     These rings are bigger than normal metal ones. They are offered in a bunch of colors and models. They are also chunkier and larger than the regular ones. These rings are also looking like the ones that were worn by the 90’s children.


     They made their apparition at the beginning of 2021. These finger-jewelry were originally made by the companies La Manso and Mon Cher Moi. They were popularized by celebrities like Bella Hadid (fashion model), Miley Cyrus (singer), Dua Lipa (singer), and Emma Chamberlain (social media personality) who wore them on their Instagram.


     La Manso is a jewelry label created by Adriana Manso in 2019. Manso reports to Harper’s Bazaar that her pieces are inspired by her grandma’s closet. The La Manso rings are made of upcycled plastic and are offered more in neutral and bold colors. Most of them have a gold or silver bead on them.  

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     Mon Cher Moi is also a jewelry brand created in Los Angeles. Mon Cher Moi is a women-owned and created label. Their rings are offered in a bunch of shapes like loops and croissant-looking ones. Their color palette is more on the bold and funky color side.

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     The cost of these is pretty expensive so over the spring, some people started buying air-dry clay from arts and crafts stores and made their own ones. By making your own rings, you can also shape them however you want and whatever colors you’d like. It’s also a more affordable alternative. Some people even started selling their creations on platforms such as Etsy and Depop.


      If you are looking for a funky colorful twist for your jewelry this spring and summer, these rings are made just for you.