A Brave Canadian-Ukrainian Helps His Home Country


Léanne Croussette

Vartan Davtian, a 37-year-old Canadian Ukrainian has chosen to gear up and fight for his home country  


The guy has been living in the European country for about 23 years of his life and all his family is still there. Since 2008, he has been living in Brandon, in the province of Manitoba. 


« I feel powerless here, I can’t do anything », said the brave Canadian-Ukrainian. He sees that any country is helping Ukraine to fight Russia and he feels powerless so he wanted to try to make a difference and give them the help that he could. He wants to help his home country to win this battle and help as much as possible. According to him, sending money isn’t enough to help Ukraine.  


He sold his home and left the city that he has been living in for about 14 years to send his help to the country and the Ukrainian people who still live there. The family and friends of Mr. Davtian live in Lviv, a place that is still secure at the moment. That’s the first place where the Canadian-Ukrainian wanted to go, arriving in his home country, Ukraine. He feels guilty about the fact that he is in a secure country, but that the rest of his family is stuck in a war country. It’s also one of the reasons why he wanted to go help there. 


Also, a lot of people from different countries send help to Ukraine. A Quebecer doctor originally from Saint-Jérôme, named Julien Auger is in Poland right now. He’s in a refugee camp near the border between Ukraine. At first, this man was supposed to go help in the Ukrainian hospital, but when he saw that the Russians were starting to attack everything, even hospitals, he thought it was better for him to go help at the border of Poland and Ukraine. He’s gonna stay for an indefinite period but he’s safe.