Secondary One students Win Robot Contest

Alexis Lépine and

On March 19th’s lunch break, the school’s robotics program organized a competition between its students.

The students paired up into teams of two and had to build a robot with a basket that contained a ball that was either red, blue, or yellow. Every time teams faced each other, the staff would draw a random color and they had to take that color of the ball and go drop it into a box that was the same color as the ball.

At first, there were 8 teams in the competition. They were all eliminated except for team #16 which consisted of two secondary-one students; Charlie Sévigny and Noah Rousseau. Charlie said, “The team was quite happy with the performance they had and that we took a lot of time to work on the robot”.

Robots need to be built using Ev3 robot building kits, wheels with multiple size options, a color scanner aimed at the ground, a switch to turn on the robot, an ultrasound distance scanner to avoid obstacles, and 3 motors. Other pieces could be added with staff approval and as long as the robot did not weigh over 1 kg, there were basically no restrictions.

The contest took place between students in the secondary one art and robotics program.