Buy a Fortnite Skin to Help Ukraine


Justin belleau

Since March 20th Fortnite is giving all the profit that they make to a center to help Ukrainians.


    The game Fortnite that you have surely heard of is now donating all the profit from its platform to Ukraine. To show the fullness of their act they managed to collect 36 million US which is more than 45 million Canadian dollars in only one day. They will keep donating till April 3. The donations will surely get a lot bigger according to the statistics of Dexerto that have reported that in 2022 they had 350 million registered Fortnite players and 3 to 8 million players a day. The new season just came out so the number of purchases will surely increase because of a new battle pass that cost about 12$. To support the cause members of my class bought skins and battle passes for a total of about 50$. You can also contribute by buying skins, battle passes, and vbucks.


Fortnite has you maybe know is a game that you can play on android, Xbox, PlayStation, and pc. Fortnite Battle Royale is a player-versus-player battle royale game with a maximum of 100 players that can play solo or in a team from 1 to 4 players. The players are seated in a Battle Bus that travels around the game board with no weapons. They will kill people with guns that they get in houses and chests and try to be the last one alive to do a victory royale.