A New Type of Smallpox


Elianne Labrie

Since May 6 some cases of Monkeypox have been reported in Europe and 13 people  are waiting for their result in Montreal

This disease manifested by fever, rashes on hands and face, swollen lymph nodes and muscular aches. It has been discovered in West Africa and central Africa and apparently 10% of people affected by Monkeypox die. It had been observed that most cases come from homosexual and bisexual communities. Therefore, the doctors found out that most people don’t get long term consequences and that it’s like varicella once you have it you are immune for five to ten years. Also, no treatment is invented yet.

In addition, Monkeypox has already had some cases before may 2022 in 1950. The authorities tried to invent a vaccine but research stopped in 1970 with no result since they thought it was only a weaker version  of varicella. In fact, Monkeypox is transmitted by wild animals like primate or rodent and sexual relationship.

In Montreal all the people who are suspected to be contaminate are being tested for ITSS because apparently it is probably a new kind of sexual infection. “It can look like syphilis, it can look like herpes. It gives ulcers with large lymph nodes, and there you have to take a sample, and it’s a long time with COVID, everything is a long time before you get the results. », said Dr. Réjean Thomas.

Furthermore, many teenagers just don’t really care about ITSS because they don’t think it could happen to them or they are just not worried. Still, there is a part of teens who care about it and are a bit worried. Now, that another ITSS is running around it is even more important to protect ourself since there is no vaccine yet and that five cases have been confirmed in Quebec. There is also other prevention you can take just like avoid contact with animals that maybe are infected and avoid contact with an object that a sick animals touch.