Averted Drama at Mega Park

Victoria Paquet

On November 12, 2022, a ten-year-old girl got stuck in a Mega Park attraction for over an hour. She had no injuries, but she and her parents were still really scared.

Since 1988 the mega park has been one of Canada’s best indoor amusement parks. It has 18 attractions like an ice rink, a roller coaster, a carousel, an arcade and many other things.

Unfortunately, this may not be the best for the construction because of the accident that happened last November.  A 10 years old little girl got stuck in the air for more than an hour after a blockage of the attraction in which she had embarked.

A dozen firefighters came to get her down using a lifting platform. They said they had a very good collaboration with the employees at the amusement park on the day of the incident. The cause of the incident is still unknown, but the attraction will be temporarily closed.

The little girl remained calm throughout the intervention and got out without any injuries. She and her parents were still really scared, and the young girl was very happy to see her parents again after being stuck in the air for so long.