The Camaradiant

Maria-Lysann Vezina

Maria-Lysann Vezina, Photograph

Maria is a non anonymous alcoholic (laugh out loud) no but for real she isn't that much of an alcoholic, she just love to be tipsy (mood). In 15 years, she sees herself drinking some fancy cocktail with six cats where ever the boat scene in 365 days was (if you know you know). Maria is really funny and I mean it, she's hilarious, well if you know her. She's also very friendly and kind but I suggest not messing with her hehe. She hates math (who doesn't) and she loves buying new clothes. If she was rich i'm pretty sure she would buy clothes, cats and fancy drinks. You can't be bored with her even though she calls you at three am to tell her boring and random stories. Overall Maria is the kind of friend we all need.

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Maria-Lysann Vezina