Antarctica in Danger?

Antarctica in Danger?

Yoan Robitaille, Editor

In the south of Antarctica, an exceptionally high temperature of 11.5 degrees has been recorded. 

This week, an historical temperature has been recorded at 11,5 degrees. The expert said that’s the highest temperature that’s been recorded.  

“Normally, in March, this is the time when temperatures are expected to drop rapidly since the summer solstice in December,” says Jonathan Wille researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geosciences in Grenoble. 

This temperature is very worrying for the coast of Canada, the glaciers that melt at a breakneck speed are dangerous for the ecosystem and the people that live near the water. 

The melting of the glacier could become problematic for the people that live near the coast because the water level will increase. This could destroy some habitation or degrade the territory. 

There is another thing that worries the specialists, the greenhouse gas effects. In the glaciers, a lot of Greenhouse gas is trapped. They worry that if they melt all the Co2 will be released. 

“It is possible that the Antarctic is more sensitive to greenhouse gases than we believed until now,” says Mr. Wille. 

This event could be a disaster for the world. It would increase a lot the temperature of the world and that would make things worse than they already are. 

“This Antarctic heats wave changes what we thought about the Antarctic weather,” says Jonathan.