Price of the Food Increasing


Yoan Robitaille, Editor

 Food like celery or cauliflower has doubled in price in the last year. Why is this happening? 


The price of vegetables, meat, and dairy products increased a lot this year. There are many factors that affect the price of such products.  

The season affects the price of certain products because they must be imported, Farmers can’t grow some vegetables when it’s winter. 

But this is not the only reason, the news and the influencers can be part of the increase of the price.  

«Someone was making celery juice, and everyone is going crazy about that, so the price has doubled. But when this trend ends people just stop buying it and the prices go down» said the minister of agriculture, food, and fisheries, Josée Robitaille. It is the law of supply and demand.

Another explication that will explain this increase can be caused by the bad weather or disease. The vegetable and cereal prices are depending on the success of the harvest. Bad weather, drought, or early winter can affect the harvest. 

But bad harvesting affects other things not just the price of those vegetables. If there are no cereals, they can’t feed them so the price of the meat will rise. 

“All the increase in the price of beef have been caused by grain prices so high that producers would rather not produce beef than produce as a loss”, says the agriculture economist Pasqual Theriault. 

The price doesn’t increase just because the harvest is bad, the Covid-19 affects the price by closing some slaughterhouses and meat processing factories. 

If we go a little bit further the aliment price inflation can be because the gasoline price soared in Canada.  

“The further away it comes, the more the transport costs have an impact on the price”, say Josée Robitaille.