Chez Ernalyn


Marie Chabot

A new grocery store has opened its doors on boulevard Neuvialle near the high school La Camaradière .


The name of the store is due to its owner’s name which is Ernalyn. She is from the Philippines and wanted to create a small shop like this one because a few years ago there were not that much of Filipinos living here, according to Ernalyn. Now that it is completely different she told herself that it was time for her to start her own business by selling things from her country.


For now, this kind lady is the only one working in this grocery store. She started this whole adventure on December 1st, 2021, and it is still not finished yet but you can buy things from the store.


Even if the place is not finalized this woman has much more clients on the week’s days for a new small market. There are some teenagers of la Camaradiere high school that are coming there too and the owner also added a few things that we see regularly in grocery stores. For Ernalyn, a typical client is Filipinos. It is, of course, the main client that she attracts.


From Ernalyn’s point of view, the price of food is not that high but with inflation, it will, for sure, not stay the same. She is also familiar with all of her products and can all describe them.


If you want to look up Filipino products, you can check the Facebook of the company which is «Filipino epicerie».